The reasons why YOU should become a Christian

In the Beginning
No intelligent person would believe that a Rolls Royce car with its gleaming paintwork, complex mechanics and
beautiful interior came out of nothing by chance. Nobody would believe that Leanardo da Vinci accidentaly spilled
his paints onto his blank canvas and out came the Mona Lisa, or that the bricks of St Pauls Cathedral had a bomb
exploded under them and they were all blown together in perfect order. The beauty and wonder's in God's creation
make any man made object look primitive in comparison, even things made by the world's most brilliant mind's.

Men can only make false body parts but not the real thing with their incredible workings. Every man made object
is intelligently designed and constructed, how then can some say that mankind and his universe came into being
by chance or accident? The painting is evidence that there was a painter, The world is evidence that there is a God
We don't refuse to believe that the building had a builder until we see him face to face. Some don't believe in God
because they can't see him, but there are many things that we cannot see but we know that they are real. Right
before our eyes are invisible air waves with all kinds of T.V. programmes, both sight and sound and by turning on
the T.V. we can receive them with our senses. Our relationship with God therefore, has to be by FAITH.
Evolution - Science fact or Science fiction ?
There is a widespread belief that Evolution is a scientific fact.
It is taught in our education system and heard over again in nature programs on the television that evolution is
How can this be, as it is impossible to prove the origin of life scientifically ?
The method of SCIENCE is FOUNDED upon the principles of OBSERVATION and EXPERIMENTATION.
   I do not know of any experiment that can be carried out regarding the origin of the universe. I do not know of
anyone who OBSERVED the universe coming into being. The words which GOD spoke to Job thousands of years
ago can be applied to the scientists of our day . " Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth ?
declare, if thou hast understanding ". ( Job chapter 38 verse 4 )
Scientists can at best only speculate about the past or the future, but only the present can be OBSERVED.
Atheistic evolutionary scientists have been deceiving the general public for years. They use a lot of complicated
words which most of the public don't understand, and to the unlearned it can sound very impressive and 
They have blinded the public with science. I am declaring evolution to be a myth and would place it in the category
What do the fossils say ?
The only  branch of science that could provide any evidence as to how life has developed is PALEONTOLOGY, 
which is the study of fossils. Fossils provide us with the only available records of the animals and plants of
times past.
The fossil record is the only evidence that could either prove or discredit the theory of evolution.
The theory of evolution declares that life evolved out of dead matter into a single cell, which then evolved into 
invertebrates ( Jellyfish etc ), which evolved into fish, which evolved into amphibians ( Frogs etc ), which 
evolved into reptiles, which evolved into birds, which evolved into primates ( monkeys etc ), which then 
evolved into man.
If this were true, then out of the billions of fossils that have been found we would expect to find the fossilized
remains of TRANSITIONAL FORMS as they evolved from one stage to another ie part fish and part amphibian,
part amphibian and part reptile, part reptile and part bird etc.
The fossils actually tell us that every creature reproduces its own kind just as it is recorded in the first book of
THE BIBLE. ( Genesis chapter 1 verses 11, 12, 21, 24, 25 ) 
 The theory of evolution declares that man is no more than a superior animal, an accident of nature, which in 
turn means that you have no real identity, your life is without purpose and you have no hope, as life will cease
at death.
Christianity on the other hand gives you a real identity, your life has meaning and purpose and you have a hope
of eternal life. 
   We are here to let you know that GOD is real. GOD wants YOU to know who he is, who you are, and your
reason for being. GOD has revealed these things to us through his HOLY BIBLE.


7 Amazing Facts about the Bible


The Making of Man
You are not just a superior animal, but you are the most special part of God's creation. Man, made in the IMAGE
OF GOD. During the first five days(not 24hours) of creation, God looked at his work and said that It was GOOD 
(Genesis ch 1 vs 10,12,18,21,25). On the sixth day however he said that it was VERY GOOD (Genesis ch 1 vs 31).
The reason for this is that MAN was made on the sixth day, and that GOD put a part of himself in his CREATION.

   The Bible says And the LORD GOD formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the
breath of life; and man became a living soul (Genesis ch 2 vs 7). The breath of life mentioned here is not referring
to oxygen. Notice the making of the animals in Genesis ch 1vs 20-25, God didn't breathe anything into them and 
yet the fish were swimming in the sea and the animals were roaming the earth. God gave natural life to the earth,
so that everything that came from it, had it's natural life source in it's blood (Leviticus ch 17 vs 14 for the life of all
flesh is the blood thereof). (Genesis ch 1 vs 20 And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving 
creature that hath life). (Genesis ch 1 vs 24 And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his 
kind). God proceeded to elevate man from being just a physical body with natural life, to a superior son of God.

   The breath of life which God breathed into Adam was God's own Spirit, for God does not breath oxygen
(Job ch 33 vs 4 The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life). God also
said Let US make man in OUR image (Genesis ch 1 vs 26). Without controversy, God was speaking to the earth.
Notice the words US and OUR are plural (meaning more than one). The physical body of man is the image of the
earth and not the image of God (1 Corinthians ch 15 vs 45-49 The first man is of the earth, earthy: And as we have
borne the IMAGE of the earthy). This image eats, sleeps and reproduces just like the animals, thus God produced
the body of Adam with the earth. Hence the term "Mother Earth".
   This alone did not satisfy God for he wanted someone with whom he could have fellowship with, on his own
spiritual level. God proceeded to put his own image in Adam and he became the first son of God. The image of
God referrs to mans ability to create (Technology, architechture and much more), and communicate with God. Thus
we can see that man has two images. He is both a natural and a spiritual creature.
   How then does man find himself in the pitiful condition that he is in today ? We will have to take a trip back 
into eternity to find the answer.
The Fall of Man
The Bible says How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! (Isaiah ch 14 vs 12). Lucifer was the
first created angel, he was perfect in beauty and had been given authority over all of the other angels. He soon
became lifted up in pride and was not satisfied with his honourable position. He now wanted to overthrow God
and rule over all (Ezekiel ch 28 vs 12-17+Isaiah ch 14 vs 12-17). The first war took place in Heaven, Lucifer and the
angels that sided with him were cast out, down to the earth by Michael the Archangel and his army of angels
(Revelation ch 12 vs 7-9). Lucifer had now lost his close relationship with God.
   God then made Adam and Eve, who were enjoying a special relationship with him. Satan, as he had now 
become, was filled with envy and hatred for Adam. He knew he could not get at God directly, so he sought to 
destroy Adam whom he loved. God gave man a law that was punishable by death, if broken.
(Genesis ch 2 vs 16-17) Using the instrument of the serpent, Lucifer tricked Eve into disobeying God, and eating the 
forbidden fruit. Adam likewise chose to disobey God out of love for his wife (Genesis ch 3 vs 1-24). God had told
Adam, for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. Adam continued to live physically for 930 yrs,
but he died spiritually the day he broke Gods law.
   God is holy and cannot tolerate sin (The breaking of Gods law) in his presence. Gods holiness demanded
immediate seperation from sinful man, his righteousness and justice demanded death as the penalty for his sin.
Gods love and mercy sought to parden mankind whom he loved, he immediately put his plan into action.
The Spirit of God departed from man and left him with a dead and empty soul. God did not leave man without 
a hope, but gave him the promise of a saviour who would come and destroy the works of the devil and restore 
man to fellowship with him once more. (Genesis ch 3 vs 15). People today are seeking for satisfaction but cannot
find it. The reason is that they are  searching in the wrong place. They are trying to find it in drugs, alcohol, and
physical relationships. They only manage to find a momentary high, after which that empty feeling returns again.
Natural things cannot fill the empty space in the soul that the Spirit of God left behind. It takes a return of the
Spirit of God into the soul to bring true satisfaction. God has now made such a return possible, if YOU want it.
The Restoration of Man
The only way that man could be delivered from spiritual and eternal death (Ephesians ch 2 vs 1-5+Revelation ch 
20 vs 11-15) was if a sinless sacrifice could be found. All of mankind had inherited Adams sinful nature, and so
could not fit this role. (Romans ch 5 vs 19), for we all deserved death for our own sins. If such a sacrifice could be
found, the price of breaking Gods law could be paid and God could justly forgive us of our sins and restore us to
fellowship without violating his holiness. The answer lay in God himself. God gave his only begotten Son to die
in our place (1 John ch 3 vs 16+John ch 1 vs 1,14+John ch 3 vs 16).
   2000 years ago Jesus Christ the Son of God was crucified for YOUR sins, he descended into hell and destroyed
the power of death for YOU. On the third day he rose triumphantly with victory over death and hell. If YOU accept
his sacrifice, when YOUR soul departs YOUR body during physical death, the lake of fire (Eternal death) will have
no power over YOU. The devil doesnt want YOU to believe this because he knows how beautiful heaven is and 
knows that YOU have the opportunity to go there. He doesn't have a second chance, but YOU have.
  There is a day of judgement coming when every man will have to give an account for his sins. Some feel that 
because they live a moral life they will go to heaven. People can feel good about their lives when measured 
against other peoples standards but when measured against Gods standard of holiness every man comes far short
(Romans ch 3 vs 23 For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God).
   If a man leaves his money on the street, he obviously doesn't recognize its true value. Someone who does, will 
soon come along and take possession of it. The wise man puts his money in the safety of a bank etc. Your soul is
so priceless that Jesus said For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul.
  There is a place of safety for your soul, it is called the Church. Jesus said Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a
man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God (John ch 3 vs 5).
Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive
the gift of the Holy Ghost (Acts ch 2 vs 38).
   Do you now recognize that the Devil has been deceiving YOU all this time ? Do YOU now recognize how valuable
YOU are in the sight of God ?
If so   us