Personal Testimonies


Ye are my witnesses saith the LORD ( Isaiah ch 43 vs 10 )


The following are just some of the experiences had by myself (Web author - Daz), and others of the goodness, mercy, and miracle working power of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Not long after I was converted to true Apostolic Christianity in February 1989, the
girlfriend of John my work colleague gave birth to their first child.
The child became very ill and John told me that his baby's lung had collapsed.

I was aware of the seriousness of the matter as some years earlier I had a friend
called Martin who also suffered a collapsed lung. He was admitted to the East
Birmingham hospital and needed surgery. His side and back were cut open and his
lung had to be sewn up, then his lung had to be pumped up.

I knew that God was able to do all things, so I prayed the prayer of faith for the
child in the name of JESUS. Not long after I asked John how his child was. He
told me that his child's lung inflated by itself without needing surgery.
To God be the glory, great things he has done.

Testimony by Darren

My Grandmother who is a Christian, has a twin sister who lives in London called
Mavis. A few years ago she had a blood vessel burst in her brain. She ended up in
a coma for about six weeks.

The doctors at Whipscross hospital in London where she was being treated said that
they did not expect her to pull through. They also said that if by chance she
happened to come out of the coma she would be brain damaged.

We at the Mount Beulah Apostolic Church prayed for my Grandmother's sister in
the name of JESUS. My Mother kept in contact with the family in London,
then my Mother got the news that she had come out of her coma.
There was no brain damage, the family declared that it was a miracle.
She is still alive today and living in London.
Prayer changes things.

Testimony by Darren

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