The Importance of Water Baptism

   Please read the following article prayerfully and with an open mind. The great  Apostle Paul
preached in a city called Thessalonica but his words were rejected by the hearers, without so
much as checking to see if they were true or not. Those who heard in a city called Berea had
a different spirit.

Acts 17 : 11   These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word
with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

I hope that you are one of the NOBLE ones.

The purpose of this article is to show from the scriptures and from history that unless you have
repented of your sins, been baptized by full immersion in water, in the name of Jesus Christ
and received the gift of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in other tongues, you do not
have salvation and your soul will be lost.

Also that the common formula used by most ministers during water baptism is incorrect.
Jesus said "Upon this rock I will build MY CHURCH and the gates of hell shall not prevail
against it (Matthew  16: 18). Many people believe that as long as they are sincere, it doesn't
matter which church they become a member of. This philosophy goes against the teaching of
scripture, for the apostle Jude said that we should earnestly contend for the faith which was 
once delivered unto the saints (Jude 3).

In the days of Noah there was only one ark of safety from the flood, and only one door of entry.
In these last days the one true Church of Jesus Christ is the only place of safety for your soul. It
began on the day of Pentecost, and the new birth of water and Spirit is the only means of 
entrance (John 3:5). If the church you are in does not follow the teachings and practices of the 
original Church which Jesus established, it is not the true Church. Your soul is in danger of 
being eternally lost.

The word of GOD reveals that in the last days there would be false prophets and teachers 
(Matthew  24: 4 + 11), churches with an outward appearance of godliness (2 Timothy  3: 5), and
also that satan’s ministers can appear as ministers of righteousness (2Corinthians 11:15).

How then can one distinguish the TRUE CHURCH from the false ? 

In the same way that one can distinguish the genuine banknote from the forgery, by holding it
up to the light. All other churches when examined against the light of GOD's word 
(Psalm 119: 105), fail the test of authenticity concerning the new birth. Only the APOSTOLIC 
CHURCH is shown to be the TRUE CHURCH when examined in the light of scripture.

Many people have gone shopping with counterfeit money, SINCERELY believing that what they
had was the real thing, only to end up highly embarrassed when the time of reckoning came at 
the till.

We do not question your sincerity or love for God. You may be like Apollos who was very 
zealous toward God and mighty in the scriptures, but he had a teachable spirit and allowed 
Aquila and Priscilla to expound unto him the way of God more perfectly (Acts 18:24 – 28).

The Lord Jesus is coming soon to take HIS CHURCH (Those who have been called out of the 
world, purchased with his blood, and born again the Bible way) out of this world to be with 
him for eternity.

Take some time to seek the truth, for the traditions of men cannot save your soul. Make sure 
that you're in the TRUE CHURCH. The eternal destiny of your soul depends upon it.

Is baptism necessary for salvation ?

Some hold to the theory that they do not have to be baptized to be saved, and will justify this 
theory by pointing to the thief on the cross. The thief however, died under the old covenant of 
the law and did not need to be born again.

Jesus had told Nicodemus that we must be born of water and the Spirit (John 3 : 5), but the 
new birth could not fully take place because the Holy Ghost was not yet given when the thief 
died, for Jesus was not yet glorified (John 7 : 39)
The Church age began on the day of Pentecost and will end at the rapture.
You and I are under the new covenant of grace and must be born again.

There was a practise taking place in the Corinthian Church known as baptizing by proxy or 
baptizing in the stead of a dead person. (1 Corinthians 15 : 29). The Corinthian Church 
members had family, relatives, friends and other loved ones who had died without being 
baptized. They believed that by being baptized for their dead loved ones they could secure a 
place in heaven for them.

Although the Corinthians were in error for believing that their dead loved ones who had died 
in their sins could be saved through their baptism by proxy, they were fully aware that without 
water baptism in the name of JESUS CHRIST a person could not enter into the Kingdom of 
GOD (Acts 2 : 38 + John 3 : 5).

If water baptism is not necessary for salvation then the Corinthian Church members would not 
have bothered baptizing for the dead.

So many people profess that they are living for Christ and yet have never been ' Born again '. 
Naturally speaking a person cannot live until they are first born, and so it is spiritually 
( John 3: 5 ).

When we meet people today who profess to be Christians, they become very offended when
we ask them how they were baptized or if they have received the Holy Ghost, and yet Upon
arriving at Ephesus the greatest evangelist of the new testament, the Apostle Paul came across
some disciples of John the baptist and the first two questions which they were asked were
concerning water baptism and the baptism of the Holy Ghost
( Acts 19 : 1- 6 ).

Paul knew that a person cannot be saved without the new birth of water baptism in the name
of Jesus Christ and the infilling of the Holy Ghost.

If Paul met you today, and asked you "Unto what then were you baptized" , What would your
answer be ?

A person cannot live for Christ if they have not been born right

How do we obtain salvation ?

The Lord Jesus declared "And many false prophets shall rise and deceive many"
( Matthew 24 : 11 ). Notice that it is not the few that will be deceived but the many. Many
famous preachers hold giant evangelistic crusades each year and declare that thousands of
people were ‘saved’. During the alter call, the people are told to raise their hand and repeat
the sinners prayer. They are then told ' you are now saved '. These preachers are false
prophets and are leading millions of people to hell.

There are professing Christians who build their doctrine of Salvation on one verse of scripture
while rejecting all the other scriptures which relate to Salvation. The common Salvation
scripture is
Acts 16 : 31 And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be
saved, and thy house. Notice that ‘shalt be’ is future tense. Belief is the beginning of the
process of the NEW BIRTH. The Philippian jailor and his family heard the word of the Lord and
then went on to be baptized
( Acts 16 : 30 – 34 ).

Natural birth has to begin with conception, the man’s seed (sperm) has to be received by the
woman to fertilize the egg. The baby then has to pass through water and receive natural breath
as he/she comes into the outside world.

As it is naturally, so it is spiritually. We first hear the gospel ( God’s word is his seed/sperm
Luke 8 : 11, 1Peter 1 : 23, James 1 : 18 ).

We then believe the gospel by receiving the word into our hearts (This is spiritual conception),
This then leads us to pass through the water of baptism and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost
(The spiritual breath of life).
Acts 2 : 41 Then they that gladly received (believed) his word were
baptized: and the same day were added unto them about three thousand souls.

Here are some other scriptures which relate to Salvation

1 Peter 3:21 The like figure whereunto BAPTISM doth also now SAVE US

Mark 16:16 He that believeth and is BAPTIZED SHALL BE SAVED

Acts 11:14 Who shall tell thee words, whereby thou and all thy house shall be saved.
Cornelious was then
COMMANDED to be BAPTIZED in the name of the LORD (The name of the
LORD is Jesus Acts 10:36, 44 – 48)

Jesus said I am the door: by me if any man ENTER IN, he shall be saved (John 10 : 9).

Jesus had previously told Nicodemus that the only means of ENTERING IN is through the New
Birth of water and of the Spirit (Water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ and the infilling of
the Holy Ghost Acts 2 : 38 )

Sprinkling or Immersion  
Some people say that they believe that baptism is necessary for salvation, but will then declare 
that they were baptized when they were a baby. What they mean is that they were Christened, 
by having a few drops of water splashed on their head. Whatever we believe about salvation, it 
must be able to be proven from the Holy Bible (King James version).

According to the scriptures, the proper way to be baptized is by IMMERSION. "And Jesus, when 
he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water" (Matthew  3: 16) "And they went down 
both into the water, both Philip and the eunuch; and he baptized him" (Acts  8 : 38)

By being baptized we are identifying with the BURIAL of Jesus Christ "Therefore we are buried 
with him by baptism into death" (Romans  6 : 4) A dead body is not buried by lying it on the 
ground and sprinkling some soil on it, but by completely submerging it below the ground.

The World Book Encyclopedia declares "At first all baptism was by complete immersion" (vol 1 
page 651) The Catholic Encyclopedia states "In the early centuries, all were baptized by 

Immersion was not convenient after the Catholic Church instituted infant baptism thus the mode 
was changed to sprinkling. (See Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition, vol 3, pages 365-366)

When a baby is to be born naturally, he/she is completely submerged in water in the Mothers 
womb, and so it is spiritually (John  3 : 5)

We conclude therefore that according to the Bible and history, water baptism must be 
administered by complete IMMERSION. We also submit to you that water baptism must be 
PRECEDED by FAITH and REPENTANCE (Mark  16 : 16 + Acts  2 : 28). A baby therefore having 
no faith in GOD or knowledge that they have been born in sin (Psalm 51 : 5 + Romans  5 : 12) 
should not be baptized.

The importance of water baptism

Why we baptize in the name of Jesus Christ

   The Apostles were the only ones who heard directly, the commission from Jesus to teach all 
nations and baptize them. Ten days later on the day of Pentecost they began to fulfil this 
commission. The book of the Acts of the Apostles is an historical record of the birth and 
developement of the original Church. It records examples of the disciples baptizing people 
and also the formula for baptism which was "In the name of Jesus".

You may say "We baptize in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost 
because Jesus said so" (Matthew  28: 19).

Let us remember that Jesus never wrote a word of the New Testament, but his words were 
recorded by his disciples. Let us take a careful look at what Jesus actually said. "Go ye therefore, 
and teach all nations, baptizing them in the NAME (singular, not names) of the Father, and of 
the Son, and of the Holy Ghost".

The focus of Jesus' command was to baptize in a single name, and not three titles, eg Father, 
Son and Holy Ghost. There is a difference between a name and a title. All of a person's power 
and authority is contained in his name, not his title.

Father is a title meaning ' Male parent ', Son is a title meaning ' Male child ', Holy Ghost is 
describing the purity of GOD's Spirit. None of these are GOD's name.

The scripture says " Save me, O God, by thy name " ( Not by thy titles ) ( Psalm 54:1 ).

GOD has many titles, but only one name, which is JESUS. " And they stoned Stephen, calling 
upon God, and saying, Lord Jesus , receive my spirit " (Acts 7:59)

We know that the name of the Son is Jesus (Matthew ch 1 vs 21).

The Father and the Son must have the same name for there to be a relationship.

It is clear from the Old Testament that God’s saving name was not known, (Gen 32:29-30, Isaiah  
52 : 6 )

In the Old Testament God (The Father) appeared in angelic form to Manoah and said his name 
was a secret ( Judges 13:17- 22)

It was prophesied that theMessiah (The Son) would declare GOD's (the Father) name (Psalm 
22:22 + Hebrews  2: 12).

The Old Testament declared that one day GOD (the Father) would be known by one name 
(Zechariah  14: 9).

Jesus said " I am come in my Father's name" (John  5: 43).

He said to the Father "I have manifested thy name, and I have declared unto them thy name"
(John  17: 6+26).

Paul said Jesus received his name by inheritance. A son would inherit from his Father 
(Hebrews  1: 4).

In the Old Testament the temple was called by the same name as the God (The Father) who 
dwelt in it. (1 Kings  8 : 43) and that they may know that this house, which I have builded, is 
called by THY NAME. The temple was a type of the Son of God for Jesus said Destroy this temple, 
and in three days I will raise it up (John 2:19) But he spake of the temple of his body (John 2:21).

The Son (Temple) had the same name as the Father who dwelt in him (John 14:10)
I am come in my Father’s name (John 5:43).

The name that Jesus inherited from his Father, and manifested, was JESUS.
Therefore the name of the Father is also Jesus, which means Jehovah is Salvation

Jesus said also that the comforter which is the Holy Ghost would come in his name (John  14: 26).
Mary was found with child of the Holy Ghost (Matthew 1:18), that makes the Holy Ghost the Father.
The scriptures also declare that the Holy Ghost is Jesus Christ in Spirit form (John 14:17,18,26, 
Gal 4:6, Eph 3:17, Col 1:27). This means that the name of the Holy Ghost is also Jesus.

We submit therefore, that JESUS is the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

The terms Father, Son and Holy Ghost refer to the three manifestations (Not persons) of the 
one God whose name is Jesus.

When withdrawing money from a bank account, the cashier will ask you to sign the withdrawel 
form. He/she will point to the dotted line and say " Sign your name here". Do you repeat his/her 
words literally and sign " Your name here" or do you obey his/her words and sign eg "John 
Smith". Those who baptize in the titles Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are only repeating Jesus' 
words as a baptismal formula, but are not obeying them as the disciples did. (Acts  2: 38+Acts 
8: 16+Acts  19: 5).

The name (not titles) of the Lord(Jesus) is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is 
SAFE (Proverbs 18: 10). The only way that we can enter that name is to be BAPTIZED into it 
( Acts 2 : 38, 8 : 16, 19 : 5 ).

The Church is the bride of Christ. Every bride must take on her husband's, family or surname 
(Revelation  21: 9).  The Church takes on her Husband’s name at water baptism (Acts 2 : 38 ).

The Church are Sons of GOD. Every son must take on his family name at birth (John  1: 12, 3 : 
3 – 5, Acts 2 : 38 ).

JESUS is the family name (Ephesians  3 : 14+15).

Most churches believe in praying, casting out devils and healing the sick in the name of Jesus, 
but reject or even become offended at the thought of being baptized in his name. Paul said "And 
whatsoever ye do in word or deed (baptism is a deed), do all in the name of the Lord Jesus 
(Colossians  3 : 17 + Acts 19 : 5).

Friend, as you read this message today, let me tell you the desire of our hearts. We are not 
trying to introduce controversy for the sake of argument. We are here by the help of GOD to 
explain to you the great truth that lies dormant in the Church world. We are here to resurrect 
again the understanding of the GREAT POWER there is in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

Baptism is not a means of earning Salvation, but a means of receiving or applying the Salvation 
that was purchased at Calvary, to OUR LIVES.
Salvation by Grace through Faith
Some people believe that salvation through the new birth contradicts the doctrine of salvation 
by grace through faith. There are no contradictions in the Bible and the Bible has a perfect 
harmony of doctrine. When seen in its true light, the new birth is by grace through faith.

Suppose that I tell you to meet me at McDonalds tomorrow at 11.00am and I will give you 
10,000 ( This is the condition I have prescribed for you to receive your free gift). If you really 
believe me then you will show up at McDonalds at 11.00am. 

If you are at McDonalds for 11.00am does that mean that you have earned the money ?
Of course not, because the 10,000 is a free gift. Your appearance at McDonalds at 11.00am is a 
necessary requirement for you to receive your free gift (Grace on my part, faith on your part)

If you fail to show up, you will lose out on your free gift and the fault will be yours (No faith in 
my promise).

Likewise we must respond to God's promise in faith by repenting and being baptized in the 
name of Jesus Christ, and seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost ( Acts 2 : 38 ). 
God will then do his part by graciously granting us salvation as a free gift and not an earned right.

If we do not obey God's word and meet these requirements then we will not receive salvation 
because of our lack of faith. True faith always produces obedience.  

Baptism in History

   In the Encyclopedia Britannia, the 11th edition vol 3, page 365-366 you will find this statement 
"The baptismal formula was changed from  the name of Jesus Christ to the words Father, Son 
and Holy Ghost by the Catholic church in the second century." Now I am giving you historical 
proof that the original Church baptized in the name of Jesus. Also from the Encyclopedia 
Britannia, vol 3, page 82 "Everywhere in the oldest sources it states that baptism took place in 
the name of Jesus Christ." The Canney Encyclopedia of Religion, page 53 states, The early 
Church always baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus until the developement of the trinity 
doctrine in the 2nd Century.

My friend is this not proof that the early Church practised baptism in the name of Jesus ?

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, vol 2, page 377, Catholics acknowledge that baptism 
in Jesus' name was changed by the Catholic church.

In addition, Hastings Encyclopedia of Religions, vol 2, page 377 states "Christian baptism was 
administered using the words "In the name of Jesus". From the same source, page 378, "The 
use of the trinitarian formula of any sort was not suggested in the early Church's history". From 
the same volume, page 389; note that, baptism was always in the name of the Lord Jesus until 
the time of Justin Martyr, when the triune formula was used. Hastings Encyclopedia vol 2, page 
377 declares the baptism in Jesus' name according to Acts ch 2 vs 38.

The word Name was an ancient synonym for 'person'. Payment was always made in the name 
of some person, referring to ownership. Therefore, one being baptized in the name of Jesus 
became his personal property, as the scriptures say " Ye are Christs" (1 Corinthians  3 : 23). 
History testifies to the authenticity of the scriptures, history also corroborates the fact that you 
and I must go back over the period of Church thinking, re-arrangement for man, philosophies, 
and ideas of individuals introduced long after the Apostles . Baptism in Jesus name is what the 
individuals who hear the word of GOD should obey.

It is also necessary to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, with evidence of speaking in other 
tongues (John  3 : 5 + Romans  8 : 9 + Acts  8 : 15,16 + 17 Acts  10: 45 + 19 : 6). Speaking in 
tongues was not exclusively for the early Church, but Jesus promised it to them that believe 
(Mark  16 : 17).

The Holy Ghost gives us victory over sin (Romans  8: 13), and enables us to live a Holy life, 
without which no man shall see the Lord (Hebrews  12: 14).
The Authority of the Apostles
We have to remember that none of our modern day church leaders ever saw the Lord Jesus in 
the flesh. They were not on the mount of Olives when he gave the great commission to teach all 
nations and baptize them. Only the APOSTLES were there.

Jesus issues a warning to those who reject the words of his APOSTLES (Matthew  10 : 14+15).

Jesus said to his APOSTLES "He that heareth you heareth me" (Luke  10 : 16)

Jesus prayed only for those who would believe on him through his APOSTLES word (The New 
Testament scriptures) (John  17: 20).

Jesus confirmed the words of his APOSTLES with signs following (Mark  16 : 20).

Jesus gave his APOSTLES the authority to remit or retain sins (John  20 : 23).

The names of the 12 APOSTLES are in the foundations of the wall of the New Jerusalem 
(Revelation  21: 14).

The teachings of the APOSTLES are the foundation of the New Testament Church (Ephesians 
 2 : 20).

The APOSTLE Paul said that if anyone, including an angel from heaven preached anything 
other than the APOSTLES gospel they would be accursed (Galations  1 : 8+9).

The mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven were given to the APOSTLES (Matthew  13 : 10+11).

Jesus opened his APOSTLES understanding to understand the scriptures (Luke  24 : 27+45).

Jesus taught his APOSTLES how to baptize people (John  4 : 1+2)

Jesus commissioned NO-ONE but his APOSTLES to teach all nations (Matthew  28 : 19).

Therefore the APOSTLES are the only ones we can depend upon to show us how to be baptized 

The only true formula for water baptism is the one used by the Apostles.

The Apostles, who were taught by JESUS, administered baptism in the name of Jesus.

The Apostles never repeated the words " In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and
of the Holy Ghost " as a formula for water baptism.

 "And they continued stedfastly in the APOSTLES' DOCTRINE (Acts  2 : 42).

ACTS  2 : 38 : Then said Peter unto them, REPENT, AND BE BAPTIZED EVERY ONE OF YOU IN 


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